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Karen Gaines

Karen Gaines

“My biggest goal is that every child that I come across, I find a way to make a positive impact in their lives. When these boys are placed at Genesis, a part of their childhood is placed is our hands.”

Case Manager, Karen Gaines, was born and raised in Oklahoma. In addition to working at The Genesis Project, she has owned a home childcare facility.  From an early age, Karen always knew she wanted to work with children. She has taken many classes, such as child development, in which she learned about the developmental milestones of children and how they learn. Having a childcare facility allowed her to work with children from eight weeks (about two-months-old)  to 12-years-old. While taking courses for her CDA, Karen enjoyed learning about the development of children in all aspects. Karen enjoyed learning about how children best learn academically, socially, and how their personalities and behaviors are formed. She found herself much more interested in the entire being of a child/adolescent, rather than just the academic portion. Karen is continuing her education by currently studying psychology at Mid-America Christian University. 

Karen says being able to work with our boys brings a new and exciting purpose to her life every day. She says there are certainly challenging days, but just like any job, the good ones add so much more meaning and reward to her life, that it outweighs the tough ones in a heartbeat.