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New Restrooms "Make a Huge Difference"

New Restrooms "Make a Huge Difference"

Shower lines for boys at The Genesis Project just got shorter and bath time got a lot more efficient.

Thanks to a $25,000 contribution from an anonymous donor, two large restrooms are being converted into four.

"Nighttime shower time used to take much longer. But fortunately, we are able to speed things up so the boys can get a good night's sleep sooner. This gift just made a huge difference for a quiet transition into bedtime," said Dawn Riff, operations director at Genesis.

The Genesis Project is a residential treatment facility for boys who have been abused or neglected. The level E group home serves boys, ages six to 12, who are considered highly aggressive and impulsive. 

"If the atmosphere before bedtime is electric, it makes it harder for the boys to go to sleep. Good rest and routine are essential in helping the boys learn how to manage themselves," said Riff.

 Two new restrooms are complete; the other larger restroom is currently under renovation. The private restrooms are contemporary in style, using current design materials which allow for a homier setting.

Since the restrooms double the number of children who may take showers, showering takes half the time.

"This is such an improvement and we are so thankful for the family who donated their money through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation," said Riff.

Click here if you would like to make a donation to The Genesis Project.