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New Partnership to Help with High Costs of Feeding Hungry Boys

Like your family, we have noticed typical costs of living have skyrocketed. Imagine having 16 hungry boys to feed. We are excited to be chosen as a partner with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, which will help cut our food bill.

"We are incredibly thankful the food bank accepted our application," said Scott Coppenbarger, executive director of The Genesis Project. "We know needs are great everywhere and we feel very fortunate."

By mid-summer, cafeteria costs had risen almost 55 percent, and that's just one line item on the budget that showed a sharp increase. Fortunately, we have funds from the school nutrition program but that's just for some meals on weekdays.

Because of previous living conditions, some of our boys have food insecurities. We want to make sure they always have something healthy on hand if they want it.

"Our boys are big eaters," Coppenbarger said. "They may be little boys now but they grow fast and extra food in the pantry is a comfort."

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma came through just in the nick of time. Beginning in December, we'll be able to drive to a site and pick up items we order online.

Thank you Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma!