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School is now underway - the unofficial start to a new season and all the busyness it brings. It won’t be long and the nonprofit giving season will be underway for many organizations. This year is an especially important time for The Genesis Project and our need for your continuing support.

The fact is, we rely heavily on the financial support provided by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. DHS provides funding for most of the care we give our boys, ages six to 12, who have been abused and/or neglected. Unfortunately, it is not enough.

For cafeteria expenses alone, the amount we receive from DHS for food reimbursement falls way short of how much our growing boys eat! The gap between the reimbursement and actual costs for food is about $5.25 per boy/per day. The annual shortfall on food for 16 boys is $1,920 per year for each boy. We serve about 30 boys a year. You do the math – the costs amount to a large chunk of change required to make up the difference.

It could be worse.  We are proud of how we quickly noticed the gap widening when prices began going up and we formed an amazing partnership with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma which helps cut costs. We are so grateful for that support. But even still, food is just expensive. So are the many items it takes to operate an optimal trauma-informed environment for the boys.

We are proud to say “We Give Hope” but hope takes money, sometimes. For instance, the activities we provide, such as sports activities; outings, or field trips to present new possibilities; other recreational activities; and important tools, such as sensory items, to enhance therapeutic support, have all gone up in price. The yearly cost of supplies for one child is more than $1,100.

DHS recently conducted a rate study of Oklahoma residential treatment providers. The study recommends a 23% increase in funding for facilities such as ours. That’s a big increase that could come during the next legislative session – but nothing is for sure. Who knows what will happen during the budgeting process? The next 11 months will continue to be a time of belt-tightening and focused planning like never before.

So, as your family or organization plans community projects and support for the new fiscal year, we ask you to keep The Genesis Project in mind. We will soon begin presenting new, easy ways you may consider giving. “Giving Tuesday” is coming up on November 28 and during September, you will see a “Help Give Hope” campaign heading your way in which you may provide support through affordable monthly donations.

We also encourage you to invite others to sign up for this monthly newsletter so more people can find out about the great work taking place here. Also, please consider purchasing items from our Wish Lists.

Your support works as we see hope scores in our boys increasing and new enhancements being added to our program, such as music therapy.

Our goal is to help boys manage their trauma-induced behaviors better so they can be successful in a new home or community. Your support is critical to their success.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share our message for this new fiscal year.


Scott Coppenbarger, Executive Director.