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Why We Do

Working with boys with behavioral issues is challenging. Why do you keep coming back?

I keep coming back because I see myself in each young man. I wouldn’t want anyone to give up on me if I was in their position.

What do you hope to gain personally by working with our boys?

This job allows me to gain more patience and empathy when communicating.

 What have you learned that you didn’t know before working at The Genesis Project?

I have learned there are different types of trauma and how trauma really affects a child.

 When you describe The Genesis Project to people you know, what is the one thing you want them to know about our organization and our clients?

We are for the kids! We have great programs and activities for them. From Boy Scouts, visits to Uproar “Comeback Kids,” and sports at the YMCA.

Other thoughts or comments about working at The Genesis Project

I’m just glad I am able to impact these young men’s lives.