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How To Help

We are excited about your interest in The Genesis Project. Well-respected by Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services for our efforts to care for abused boys, we have several ways you may get involved. Any efforts involving direct contact with our children, require a successful background check. However, activities such as campus improvement projects do not require a background check.

You may want to consider:

  • Making a monetary donation
  • Volunteering for a campus project
  • Raising money for The Genesis Project
  • Sponsoring a bed
  • Reading or tutoring a child
  • Serving on the board of directors
  • Providing child-friendly entertainment
  • Mentoring a boy
  • Outfitting a child for a holiday or special event
  • Providing new shoes
  • Donating a new book or video game
  • Finding out about fostering a boy
  • Finding out about adopting a boy
  • Teaching a workshop for boys
  • Spreading the word about The Genesis Project mission

If you have a talent or passion to empower boys ages, 10 to 13, please contact us at